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Unconventional Wedding Ideas

Weddings should be about bride and groom, about their needs and likes. That's why they should live this special moment to the fullest. We know that traditions are very important, but not imperative. Therefore, there is no restraint in organizing an unconventional wedding you have ever dreamed of.

Unconventional wedding dress

Traditionally, wedding dresses are white. But throughout the years people's norms and conceptions changed and so did the tastes of the brides to be. You like white, but it's too classic and dull for your taste? Well, you have a wide range of colors to choose from. If you are a passionate character, red is the best option.

If you are romantic, a sweet, pink wedding gown should make you feel like a real princess. There are many shades of pink to choose from (rose, pearl, baby, blush, champagne, magenta, fuchsia etc).
The bolder ones should try a black wedding dress or a blue one. In fact, in the 1800s, blue was considered to be the symbol of purity, while white symbolized wealth.

You should also take into consideration the paper wedding gown. And instead of the veil you could choose a hat or an interesting jewelry and to replace the bouquet use some feathers.

Wedding reception

You always dreamed to have your wedding in an uncommon place? Think of a museum or a theater. Or, if you are rather an adventurous spirit, fly to Las Vegas and get married in one of the “love chapels” or on a far away island at sunset, just the two of you, in a more intimate context.

Moreover, the place of the reception should be appropriate with the wedding theme (if you have one). And if you want to have a wedding like no other, there are so many wedding themes available : retro, pirate theme, Gothic wedding, music theme, fairy tale wedding, Halloween, Japanese, Medieval, cruise theme or under the sea wedding.

Special menus

Get creative when choosing the menu so that you surprise your guests. Instead of going traditional, with ready-made wedding menu plans, think out of the box. Invite your guests in a trip around the world by suggesting a special treat with a buffet consisting of world flavors, sculpted fruits and vegetables, chocolate or coffee and a chocolate fountain.

Wedding transportation

Forget about black or white limousines. On this important day of your life, think of you and what would you like to do. Do you have a wild side? Consider two matching motorcycles or a hot air balloon. Why not a Vespa or a tandem bicycle? Everything is possible. Leave conventions aside and enjoy the moment.

Reception games

Animate your wedding reception with a few games. You could play “Me or You?”.
Put the newly married couple back to back on two chairs. Both will receive two signs, one with “bride” and one with “groom”. Have a list of “who” questions, such as “ Who do you think will snore louder?” or “Who is the most tender in your relationship?”.
They have to answer using the two signs.

In order to make your wedding enjoyable and unforgettable plan everything according to your dreams and expectations.

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