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Top Signs Your Friend Has a Crush on You

As we often behave unconsciously our body language can reveal our deepest feeling. The top signs your friend has a crush on your will help you clarify the ambiguous situations that might have occurred between you and a close friend. These should be considered both if you wish to respond with the same affection or avoid any damage to your relationship. Make sure you keep in mind the following pro tricks to see things more clearly.

Understanding the various gestures of people might be a real challenge. Therefore professionals aim to help us see clearly and determine the different intentions of our friends and partners. Indeed in order to find out whether a person likes you more than just a friend it is important to pay attention to the tiniest signs and the importance of ambiguous situations. The personality of the person indeed plays a crucial role in the success of our project. Indeed some might be too affectionate with everyone which can be pretty misleading whereas others become more caring and kind with those who stand closer to their heart. The following top signs our friend has a crush on you serve as the best means to help you in your wish to decipher the gestures of your friends.

Interest in Your Life

  • There are people who might not be as concerned about the life and hobbies of others. However in some cases these persons become more attentive and caring. Indeed if your friend pays special attention to your life as well as various activities and even problems, he might want more than a simple and strong friendship. Undoubtedly this gesture can be misleading as friends generally care for each other and listen to their problems. One of the top signs however can be if they wish to join you in your favorite activities only to spend most of their time with you.

  • No Eye Contact

  • Aggressive flirting might mean constant eye contact. However it seems that professionals agree that true feeling might suppress this courage therefore those who fuel deeper affection for one another might skip the eye contact due to embarrassment and other reasons. This is in fact one of the top signs that your friend pays to much importance to what you think or could notice on his/her behavior therefore it is wiser to skip eye contact.

  • Physical Contact

  • More prominently in the case of men, they often touch their partner or in this case friend as the easiest and most obvious way of their true intentions. Therefore if you notice that your friend who is not the sort of person who hugs or touches people tries to find as many occasions as possible to touch your hand it is a clear sign of his affection. Words might not be that obvious therefore make sure you pay special attention also to gestures.

  • Laughing

  • Lately your friend seems to find your jokes extremely funny and you seem to be in a constant cheer? Then sure he/she has more than one reason to make you feel comfortable and entertaining. Sharing great laughs and funny stories can be the first step towards more than friendship. Therefore make sure you devote more time and attention to the change in the mood of all your friends.

  • Staring and Quickly Looking Away

  • It is one of the most obvious and almost unconscious gestures people make that can reveal more than they actually wanted. Those who don't struggle with shyness might smile as you catch them staring at you. Others would just look away, with a sudden gesture which can be pretty funny. Test your friend and notice whether he/she stares intentionally or it is just another sing of affection. Go ahead and clarify that quirky situation with these useful tips.

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